Veal and Mustard Casserole

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Veal Recipe = Veal and Mustard Casserole

50ml flour
2ml salt
7ml mustard powder
750g veal shin in 2 cm slices
50ml oil
onion, chopped
4 leeks, sliced
250g tin chopped tomatoes
100ml white wine
100ml chicken stock
2 bay leaves
5ml sugar
125ml sour cream
25ml Grain mustard

Mix flour, mustard powder and a pinch af salt together and coat the veal in this mixture. Heat a large frying pan, add some oil and and brown veal on both sides, place browned veal in a baking tray. Soften onion and leeks in the same pan, add tomatoes, wine, fresh chicken stock, bay leaves, and sugar; bring to the boil then pour over veal. Cover and bake at 160oC for 1 hour. Then turn the veal and give the casserrole a gentle stir, then continue baking for a further 30 minutes until tender.
Mix sour cream with grain mustard, stir into casserole and return to oven until heated through. Season, and sprinkle with chopped parsley - Serve and enjoy!
Serves 4.